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The Glad Helpers Down Under Prayer Healing Group has been meeting since the mid 1970's. We are affiliated with the Glad Helpers Prayer Healing Group in Virginia Beach which was originally formed by Edgar Cayce in 1931. The 281 series of Readings on the subjects of Prayer and Meditation were given to the members of that group over a period of 13 years.

According to the readings, the Glad Helpers group had its foundations at the time of Ra Ta, the High Priest in Egypt, around 10,500 BC.


Reading 281-44 states that members of the group in Egypt were ‘… aiding through prayer, meditation, and LIVING each day among their associates in such ways as to be in keeping with that for which they prayed and meditated.’

In the prayer group, meditation is used to raise the Consciousness of The Christ within each member. Once the energy is raised, we offer this in prayer, or sometimes laying-on-of-hands. Reading 281-41 states that 'Meditation' is the attuning of the mental body and the physical body to its spiritual source.


For further information about the Glad Helpers Down Under, please phone (03) 5345 2945.

Extracts from the ARE Booklet. ‘An Introduction to the Work of the Glad Helpers Prayer Healing Group.’

Cayce Reading

... all prayers are answered ... (4028-1)