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Surround Prayer. (Prayer of Protection) Surround prayer is for those about whom we are concerned, but who have not asked for our prayers, and generally for those whom we have asked if we can pray for them.

Through such prayer, the energy raised is used to surround the individual in an envelope of energy, helping to protect from external negative influences ‘as the defense against influences that would hinder.’ (281-9).

We may envision this protection as an enfolding white light.

Surround prayer is recommended for those who have not requested healing prayer, or who are not likely to participate actively in the attunement and healing process, as well as those who are dealing with addictions or mental illness.


It is also helpful to include with this list all those who have no-one to pray for them, and those affected by adverse conditions (wars and natural disasters). The Prayer Group also offers surround prayer for the world's political and religious leaders.

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Extracts from the ARE Booklet. ‘An Introduction to the Work of the Glad Helpers Prayer Healing Group.’


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... (Our prayers) ascend to the throne of God and the angel of each entity stands before the throne to make intercession ... (3954-1)