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The Prayer Group offers three types of prayer: Healing, Surround, Departed.

Healing Prayer. (Requested by Recipient) Healing prayer should only be given for those actively seeking help, or for young children or those seriously ill who cannot request prayer for themselves.

If possible, the requester should be in a receptive state physically, mentally and spiritually.

Reading 281-3 states "There must be the wholehearted cooperation upon the part of those desiring aid... first, there must be the desire [by the individuals to be healed], that can only come within self; God cannot save a man that would not be saved!"


Without the knowledge or cooperation of the recipient, destructive patterns or attitudes could be preventing healing or worsening an illness. Therefore, as individuals and as a Prayer Group, we use healing prayer only for those who have specifically requested such prayer and who will accept responsibilities for their own attunement and healing.

For further information about the Glad Helpers Down Under, please phone (03) 5345 2945.

Extracts from the ARE Booklet. ‘An Introduction to the Work of the Glad Helpers Prayer Healing Group.’


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Remember, healing - all healing comes from within ... (2528-2)